Hello Fresh helps beat my hunger for lunch daily

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Oh boy! What a long day at work! My head is hurting and is going to split wide open. Oh well, might as well nap a bit. One hour goes by and then I wake up then I’m like: “Oh God no! Its 9:30! And no dinner!” as the same happens with my partner we’re both in a lurch. We can’t devour pizza again as we need to watch the weight too. Wait, wait, there is no need to rush because I got Hello Fresh Discount Coupons and wait, I heard the bell ring! We got the meals, we got the meals!

Now I’ll tell you why I’m happy with Hello Fresh.

Life in Melbourne is hectic especially if you are in the service industry. Being an advertising executive in terms of strategy and planning sucks the energy out of me daily as I have to help the client service, account, creative and media planning division go along with the media & brand strategy as well as synergising client and agency thinking and ideas (Which is pretty hectic and can make you feel like banging your head on the wall). My partner is my soon to be wife and her job being a survey engineer at Telstra is tough because of the routine field trips and a few last minute assignments that can surely mess up the normal routine.

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We both have a hectic schedule and we both have ended up with headaches daily. We do go out, we had a vacation to Tahiti, we went to New Zealand and we even play water polo in our pool with the neighbours who themselves are a newly married couple. Cooking is often dreaded but we do it. However, only recent did our routines start getting really demanding and messed up.

I had signed up for Hello Fresh’s offers 6 months ago and only did my girl find out about it just a month ago. She laughed and didn’t mind at all as she helped me customise the lunch and dinner schedules plus with intervals so we can make our stove work. Home Fresh has got the freshest food at the best of prices that make your tummy healthy and happy whilst giving you a peace of mind really easily.


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